Everyday Church & What is the Gospel

Summer Break

Our home groups will be taking some time off this summer. Our last home group of the summer will be July 8. This will provide leaders and families a time to refresh and spend time together. We are excited about our home groups when the reconvene in September. For our study we will be reading through the Bible chronologically. There will be a small study guide that will accompany the reading. This will aid in understanding the context, ask yourself questions as you read and help guide the group discussion time. This will be an exciting time to read through the Bible together, discuss and grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word as we continue to die together so that others might find His kingdom.

Everyday Church April 1-June 3

“Most people in the West have no intention of ever attending church. Indeed, many only use Christ’s name as a swear word. And while some of the prominent churches are growing, much of this is transfer growth rather than true growth.

Yet many of our approaches to evangelism still assume a Christian mentality. We expect people to come to us when we put on a good church service.

We need to meet the unchurched where they are, in the context of everyday life, shifting the focus from putting on attractive communities. “ From the back cover.

This book is designed to take you through a missional perspective of 1 Peter and apply those principles to everyday life so that we become the everyday church in society. Our home groups will be designed around both interacting with 1 Peter and interacting with the book. In addition here is a brief video by Tim Chester about the book. He is one of the co-authors.

Everyday Church from Tim Chester on Vimeo.

What is the Gospel – June 10 – July 8

What is the Gospel will be a great follow up to Everyday Church. In Everyday Church we will be challenged to use four points of the Gospel to intersect in people’s lives. These four points are: Creation, Fall, Redemption & Consummation. In What is the Gospel, those same four points (although phrased a little differently) will be explored from a biblical foundation. So what we have over the course of these few months of home group will be taking the Gospel to people in our everyday lives and we will have a strong Scriptural and theological foundation to share those truths.

We are looking forward to our new home group. Please contact us about connecting with one of our home groups.